Saturday, April 7, 2007

Yahoo! Answers and Vegan outreach, a call to “arms”

I spend a good bit of time in the Vegetarian & Vegan section of Yahoo! Answers posting under the username MattH. The questions and answers you will see here range from well thought out and respectful, to downright nasty. Since I’ve been answering questions there for a wile my posts and views have become quite well known. When I first started posting here many people were hostile to my views. Even so, I spoke my truth and defended abolitionist animal rights.

Recently though, a small but noticeable shift has been occurring on Yahoo! Answers. Topics I use to get thumbs down for, recently have been gaining support from other users. My views have not changed, if anything they have grown stronger in favor of the abolitionist approach as set forth by Gary Francione. It seems to me people have started to open up to considering the abolitionist theory in this forum.

My purpose for posting such a mundane topic is simple. I would love to see more people advocating abolitionist animal rights and Veganism on Yahoo! Answers. Post questions to get people thinking, or answer other users questions. Currently we have two people who are unequivocally supporting abolitionist theory, another Vegan Freak listener, and myself. I could not imagine the impact it may have if that number jumped to even ten people, or twenty. Please consider posting on Yahoo! Answers no matter how infrequently as a small addition to your Vegan outreach.

-Matt Hastings

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Chris said...


Another vegan freak abolitionist here who has been posting on yahoo answers!
I read the question about fruits and veggies feeling pain and was going to also post what Bob said on a recent podcast about sticking a hot poker in some broccoli and in an animal and I saw you beat me too it!
It is an odd form of Outreach but I think it all helps!
I am sure I will see you around.

Chris aka Texaspice on yahoo