Sunday, April 8, 2007

Lamb Kabobs

Hello Bloggyland! Welcome to the first annual Easter blog. Where I complain about something involving Easter. This year's topic, lamb kabobs.
I find it quite disturbing that people choose to eat lamb on Easter. Before I get accused of being sentimental, think of it this way. Lambs are often depicted with the Easter bunny on children's Easter products. Could you imagine if people ate rabbit on Easter? "Johnny, would you like Mr. Cottontail's leg, or a Breast?" Oh no, think of the children!

You would think that if the Christian church world choose any day to eat vegetarian this would be it. A holiday that honors the reincarnation of Jesus is celebrated with the death of countless animals. Why not eat live plants that did not have to suffer and die as you commemorate life and rebirth? The choice to eat dead flesh on this day is the height of irony. But as us Vegans know, you can't celebrate anything without something dead on the table.

So I'll leave you with a picture of a lamb to show your uncle as he takes a bite out of him lamb kabob to remind him of the sorce of his meal.

-Matt Hastings

I like the word Kellogg's because it has ello in the middle of it, like the British greeting, "ello governor!"

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Anonymous said...

my family makes crab every year and it smells really bad and what really bothered me was that they kept talking about how "beautiful" they were and how they had "such a great color" im like hello its dead whats beautiful is a live crab living in its natural habitat not on your plate