Thursday, April 12, 2007

Distorted View, It's a Place for Freaks like you!

Seriously, Distorted View rocks. It's my second favorite podcast, right behind Vegan Freaks. One my favorite things Tim does on the show is when he sings his version of Blue by Eiffel 65. "I'm Blue daba debble do bobble.. dabal na na do." DV is not a show for the children, or really anyone who is unable to check their morals at the door and I mean all of them. If you like sick humor, and don't mind taking a half hour out of your day to laugh at kids being put in driers, you should really check out this podcast if you haven't already. I wonder if Tim knows he has Vegan listeners?

So tune on in, to distorted view.


vegan said...

You're trying to win a Wii!

Veganramblings said...

I didn't even submit the post, I don't really think it should count seeing as I don't have many readers yet.

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