Tuesday, May 8, 2007

When fish tanks are no-no's, go SCUBA diving instead!

As a vegan, keeping a fish tank presents some fairly obvious ethical problems. That's why I have finally decided to take up SCUBA diving. I've always been fascinated with underwater life. Cliche or not, it is another world down there. So if we can't keep the fish in our home (and with all the work that entails, especially for salt water, who would want to anyways?) we'll just go to were the fishies live.

I'm still trying to save up the money to begin my training but once I do I'll be sure and keep you posted about the underwater world.

I would love to hear your stories about SCUBA diving or related pursuits. Leave me a comment with your story's.

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anne said...

My brother has scuba dived all over central and eastern Canada (cold water has freaking awesome stuff in it) ... but that's not why I am posting.

Fish tanks are bad, but I wonder about rescuing fish (as one would rescue cats or dogs) and giving them a good home (i.e., a habitat that is appropriate for that fish). I used to have several aquariums and I was a member of a aquarist forum. There were often posts looking for new homes for their fish because they were moving or looking for new homes for fish that friends were tired of and that were rescue from being flushed down the toilet. Fish are seen as flusheable. People don;t get as attached to them emotionally as they do to cats. Which means that fish are being neglected and flushed all the time (makes me mad, mad, mad). But, there are probably lots of vegans who can't have furry companions who could take care of aquatic friends.