Thursday, May 3, 2007

Fun little point by point

I don't know about you guys but I find it fun to read others aguments from time to time. So here is a short point by point responce to a fellow user on Yahoo! Answers:

“A lot of people are against eating meat because they think that killing animals is the same thing as killing people. Let me be one to pop that little bubble of delusion.”

-Oh god, thank you. You have no idea how long I’ve waited for you to come set me straight.

“To all animal rights advocators,”

- Err, let me stop you right there, the proper word is this situation would be advocate. Anyways, go ahead…

“ to all vegans, to all those who believe eating meat is morally wrong. WAKE UP!!! We are not talking about humans: we're talking about animals. ANIMALS!!”

- You know, you’re smart, I never thought of it that way.

“ Creatures incapable of reason or rational thought. Animals don't think the way humans do."

- Easy there buddy. Why don’t you take your half-baked pre 18th century philosophy somewhere else? Plenty of animals express all those qualities and there are many humans that do not. Therefore, the above characteristics are not valid reasons to exclude animals from the moral community.

“...They don't have human emotions, they don't have brains as advanced as we are. Why? Because they're animals.People need to stop equating the life of an animal with the life of a human. You have to make the comparison. If dogs and cats and cows and chickens were just as important as humans, and could think as humans, then why haven't they changed?”

- I find it quite ironic that you ask such a question wile we could shortly be facing a crisis due to honeybee’s, of all things, becoming under populated. All things are connected, and all things are equally important. Lets be realistic here, I couldn’t care less if you died today, I probably would never even find out. Yet to you this is a great harm. Some may say, and I would agree, that this is the ultimate harm. Similarly, the cow that your beloved steak comes from is quite harmed by your decision to set in motion the machine that will kill him or her. Point being, this is not an issue of cognitive ability. This is an issue of sentience, and it’s an issue of suffering.

“ Where are the signs of rational thought and behavior in the animal kingdom? There are none. Why?”

- How about Elephants banding together to help rescue other trapped Elephants? Orca’s working together to hunt their prey, and sharks that do the same? How about Alex ( )? I could go on but I think you get what I’m saying. You see none because you don’t look, not because they are not there.

“Because animals are not human, animals are animals.”

- Humans are animals as well. Of course, this is only accepted when meat eaters are making an augment for how “natural” meat eating is.

“There is absolutely nothing wrong with eating them or killing them.”

- Then there should be nothing wrong with killing and eating similarly abled humans, such as the mentally retarded or infants. But there is because this is about more than the level of cognitive functioning one possesses.

“You talk about morals. Aren't morals found in religious texts such as the Bible? Take, for instance, the Bible. In the Bible, the Jews were allowed to eat certain kinds of meat. You can read about this in Leviticus. OK, now let's take the Quran. In the Quran, Muslims are given guidelines as to what meats they are allowed to eat. “

- Your ignorance is showing. Plenty of moral systems are build upon secular believes.

“So, the next time you see a skinny, anemic-looking vegan holding up a poster that reads, "save the cows," give a little chuckle, turn away, and enjoy your slab of ham.”

-And I hope right as you turn away, someone takes a bite out of you. That would give me a little chuckle.


Anonymous said...

(From Lillyian)

lol.. Oh gosh, I wish I had time to read this all, but I'm between classes.

An awesome book though is "When Elephants Weep."

Read it.

Heidi said...

Yahoo Answers is amazing, isn't it? People's true character shows.

(vegan&proud) said...

I hate people like that!The annoying thing is that people recycle this same argument over and over,plus maybe a few other ones(I need protein,God put animals here for us to eat,etc)I get tired of people using the Bible to decide what is moral and what isn't,the Bible can be used to defend slavery and sumbission of womens' rights,why not trying using logical and rational thought!