Monday, April 30, 2007

More Questions and Answers

When someone asks you for a donation to support cancer research...?
Do you point out to them that the money they are collecting is being used to torture animals? Do you inform them that there are ethical and humane charities who are funding research into cancer and other medical conditions without harming animals? Or do you just donate without thinking?

No, I just don't donate to groups that support animal testing. I've never been asked why and have never given a reason. I'm 100% opposed to animal testing so if I know the charity supports it I will not donate to them. Like it or not but prevention is still the best option we have when it comes to cancer .We must keep this in prospective, animal testing will not cure cancer. They have been testing on animals for close to 30 years now to find a cure for cancer and they are not a bit closer than they were 29 years ago in regards to their animal tests. The "improvements" in cancer treatment that have been made by western medicine have been made though human research. If you think it is wrong to eat animals how can you think it's ok to test on them? It's wrong of humans to use animals in any way just as it is wrong for humans to use other humans no matter the benefit.


veganfreak said...

Nicely put. I also will not contribute to such organizations.

Heidi said...

I face this issue with my boyfriend's family. They raise their own animals, and they live a nice life (albeit a short one). Then they take them to the slaughterhouse. The same slaughterhouse that other local farm animals go to (as I live in rural Ohio). They argue that they are much happier ... but their death is STILL the same. They try to convince me to eat their meat, but ... it's not going to happen. Really interesting post, I would like to get more involved with this kind of activism.